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Integrated Automated Push System for Dropshipping like wholesale2b.com

In the website wholesale2b.com, there are automated tools to be able to push listings onto your ecommerce store and have them automatically updated with the tracking numbers, inventory checks for out-of-stock items, and a list to be able to add products and filter them down prior to adding them onto your storefront.

This would be a GREAT addition being that SaleHoo is already #1 in most wholesale directories so adding those features will definitely overlook the competition & most importantly help out the members here in SaleHoo.

Try to incorporate WorldWideBrands' system and wholesale2b's systems together to form an ULTIMATE wholesale directory.

(I understand there can be saturation with that seeing as though the members will all be able to see the catalog, but having the automated tools will make everything MUCH easier!!)

Everyone please consider this as it WILL help everyone out!


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  • Alidad Modjtabai commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm new to SaleHoo.com and i have been playing around with your site for few hours, one thing that I could not be able to find information from each wholesale companies box is data feed for drop shipping.

    I'm not sure if that information is exit in SaleHoo.com but I would appreciate maybe if you could add somewhere on each wholesaler box for SaleHoo member be able to find that information easily.
    many thanks.


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